I Really Am Terrible At This Whole Blogging Thing

Jeez.  It has been ages it feels like since I have posted anything.  I have been incredibly busy and so much has happened!

Since this is a D/s blog I will focus on that side of things in my life.

Things are going very very well.  I can’t quite explain or properly describe the difference I have noticed in Sir lately.  I don’t know if it is simply that enough time now has passed and we have a better understanding of each other and we have grown closer, but it’s freakin’ awesome, whatever the reason.  I feel like there is no denying that this goes beyond play partners now, which is great 🙂

Sir and his primary and I are spending a lot of time together the three of us as well which has been working out wonderfully.  Not sexy times either!  Just hanging out, dining, cuddling together etc. time.  There is something so special about being in that situation and it not being awkward, or competitive, no jealousy or weirdness.  Just a mutual respect, caring and understanding.  We haven’t all played together yet, but I imagine it is only a matter of time.

I also attended a play party which was pretty amazing!  I will keep those details private though for now 😉

Sir and I had a good talk about tasks and have come up with a few that we both felt were a good fit, and I am really enjoying that aspect of things so far.  It helps give a place for my submission to go in-between visits, which has been so invaluable to me.  I already feel calmer and more centered just knowing that there are still ways I am able to submit even when I am not with him.  It’s a really big deal to me.  It also has made me feel more secure in my relationship.  Especially because these tasks aren’t sexual in nature (ie; no naked pics or anything like that lol) it makes me feel as though he views me as worth the extra effort he is now putting in to help me manage certain things through these tasks.

Not the best update I am afraid – but I am literally on my way out the door again, but I wanted to at least express just how happy I am these days 🙂

Much love to my lovely blogging friends!