Me again!

Recently I have had this running fantasy in my head.  it pops in and out throughout the day for the last few days.

Very recently I have discovered that I absolutely LOVE caning.  It doesn’t take very long for me to start feeling like my body is literally melting into the surface below and my breathing deepens.  Sir and I have only just begun to explore my love of caning – he is VERY good at it, and at making it good for me.  So we haven’t had a super long caning scene yet, but it is on the menu for very soon (yay!).

So that brings me to my fantasy.  I have the fantasy of being at a play party (with Sir of course) and he begins the caning scene with me.  He canes me for a good long while to get me to that mushy happy melty place and then, once I am in that “I really could care less about what’s going on around me just don’t stop what you are doing” place other people begin to take their turns at caning me.  One after another.  I imagine this going on for a long time until I am essentially on another planet after which Sir brings me back down to earth (it’s a necessary part of this for me that he doesn’t leave me at any point, always the careful observer).

I seriously cannot stop thinking about this.

I think it partly stems from the fact that I have a couple play parties coming up and while I am nervous as I have never been to one (and am not currently planning on playing, just observing and getting to know people) I can’t help but feeling like it would be so amazing to live out a fantasy like that.

Caning is one of those polarizing elements of BDSM I find, people either tend to love it or absolutely hate it.  I was terrified at the very thought before I had actually tried it.  Now it is one of the few things that I could never ever give up.

So there you have it – perhaps something I should add to my bucket list?


11 thoughts on “Fantasy

      1. Yes sometimes it can be hard to restrain all these desires! LOL it’s such a big wide kinky world out there and I want to experience it ALL lol. I need to take a breath I think lol. But perhaps I should mention the fantasy to Sir and then leave it in his hands. I know he would be totally on board to make it happen I just wouldn’t know exactly when lol

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  1. Oh my sweet blossom – wait till you try the willow – if you like the cane as I do, then the willow is your next stop. Try and find some pussy willows (aptly named – giggle…) – they do need to be dried out as otherwise they are just tooo floppy – but dried ones – oh my – and then… I have bits of willow all over the place when He leaves – oh my – I cannot wait till I get home – 4 days to go xxx

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    1. I will keep it in mind! There’s just something about the cane. The initial sting is immense but almost immediately turns to just heat. I find it easier to breathe through some some of the “less” painful implements. Although I guess we all process different sensations differently! But the cane? I’m in love 🙂


      1. I was terrified of the cane… But how wrong can a girl be…When Master comes to see me – I arrange one table just for the cane, flogger, whips, crops -… I dislike the wooden spoon – and there is one thing He uses – which I simply have no idea what it is – but it is Horrible – I wish I knew what it was so I could hide it… which is probably why He won’t tell me what it is. Oh how I love Master – I cannot wait to see Him –

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      2. Back to the willow – it’s gives such a deliciously nasty bite, then followed by such a viciously delicious heat – and if it’s long enough a awesomely vile double sting – I shall have to prepare some when I get back — I keep lots xxx. Oh you naughty girl – how can I sleep with such thoughts in my head – and I can’t write about them as my blackberry won’t tolerate more than 100 words – and I can’t get the internet out here – hurry up Tuesday and nasty nasty easyjet –

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  2. OMFG the cane! It is absolutely fascinating how different we experience the pain a cane can cause. Cos the heat you mention, I love it. But I could feel none of it when the cane is in question. It’s all stinging and welting up and then the sentation of being stabbed. 😀 I do respect the cane, I take very good care of my canes, cos they are only reserved for punishments in my case so somehow they came to represent authority to me. Just the mere sight of them keeps me in check! Especially my bratty side 😀

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