It’s Been Too Long!

It’s been WAY too long since I have written my lovely blogging friends!  I do have a good reason though!  I was away for almost a week so that took up my time, and I am so glad to be back.

Today was an….interesting…day.  I had/have a serious case of “cunt brain”.  God I still love that term!  I could hardly focus at work for my insane super horniness.  I don’t know what the heck has gotten into me but I am literally dying over here.  And no simple sex is going to cut it.  I need it all.  The pain, the moans, the multiple orgasms, the submission.  I need it hard and intense.  I need the “good girls” and the orders. DYING OVER HERE.

I was able to have an unexpected date with Sir before my trip which was nice, I was so happy not to have to wait another 2 weeks like I thought!  I still have the bruises – on my ass, my inner thighs and one nice one on one breast (hooray for post scene bruises!).  I felt a bit off that date though – I don’t know if it was because a whole month had gone by since  I had seen him last but I was feeling really self-conscious and body insecure.  I am almost always a bit insecure about certain areas of my body but I have, for the most part, gotten over it with Sir and am able to forget about it fairly soon into a scene when we are together.  Not this time.  I had a hard time getting out of my own head, and although Sir says I did “perfectly” I could feel the difference in myself and I hated that.  I also had to call yellow at one point – things just got too ouchie.  There’s this one implement that he uses that for some reason the sensations I can only take for a very brief amount of time.  Cane me, flog me, spank me, whatever – I’ll cry and squirm and beg but I will want more and more and more – but this thing I just can’t handle.  I don’t even fully know what it is cause I can’t see it and never think to ask afterwards cause I am too out of it to do so LOL.

Sir’s primary have become great friends, in other news, and it is lovely.  We are getting together the 3 of us this weekend and I am super excited, although a little nervous if Sir wants us to all play – which he most likely will (although I know he won’t push the issue if I am not feeling comfortable with that).  I don’t know what will happen but I am happy to see what happens naturally and go from there.  This is the first poly type situation like this (where we all know and spend time together) I have ever been in and I am loving it.  Once I got over the initial insecurity of my place in it (well mostly got over anyway) I was able to really just go with the flow and I absolutely love spending time with both of them together for many reasons, but one of which is how absolutely refreshing it is to be able to spend time together and it not be awkward or uncomfortable. I am repeatedly amazed at her willingness and ability to share a part of him with me so genuinely and to be totally happy that him and I are also together. I actually enjoy seeing them together and have encouraged her to feel free to be as affectionate with him as she wants to be while I am around.  I am still figuring out myself how to act around him when she is there so I am just going to take his lead on it.  She has promised to communicate openly with me if there is anything I do that makes her upset or uncomfortable and give me a chance to change my approach before she gets angry – her and I have talked at length about this and so far we are totally on the same page.

Part of me REALLY hopes that I will end up being comfortable enough for some play because good god do I ever need it right now.  Again, if it happens naturally then I will go with it, or try to at least.  Agh if only I could get out of my own head more.

I am really hoping for an overnight date with Sir one of these times soon – I really want to be able to let go fully.  Cry, scream, whatever.  I’d love to hit subspace, but even just the catharsis of crying would be so welcome right now – I can feel it bubbling up inside me, but it needs me to have a serious painful work over for it to come out.  So far we have always had somewhere to be after – either me or him, so there’s only so far you can go when you know that ultimately there is a time limit on your scene.  I had mentioned needing a really intense long scene to Sir’s primary and she was the one actually who recommended making plans for a weekend night so I could just sleep over and not need to worry about needing to be somewhere.  Have I said how awesome poly can be when you are all on the same page?  So I think if I need it, and she has no problem with it then Sir might be happy to oblige one of these days 🙂

Anyway, I need to get a hold of these freaking hormones or whatever it is that is making me a wet, needy, horny mess right now – but please keep your fingers crossed that my insecurities don’t get in the way this weekend so I can have some kinky fun lol

Anyone else in this blogging world been in a situation where they have been one of 2 subs playing under one Dom at the same time for the first time?  I have before, but never as the “secondary” so maybe that is where my insecurity is coming from, I don’t know.  But I would love to hear your advice or your experiences.  Neither Sir nor his gf are pressuring me, they have let me know they are more than happy just to have my company that night so I don’t feel pressure, more just frustration at this mental block I have set up in my own brain.  I’d love to get over it.


9 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long!

    1. Thank you, yes I worry about that too and have expressed those concerns, however I think we have communicated enough to be able to avoid any real emotional mishaps. I hope anyway. I will make sure to talk to them about it more though before doing anything

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  1. Just try not to overthink it, just let what happens, happen. From what you’ve time me, you have a good rapport with her, so build on that and don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I’ve played many a time with my Sir and his other sub/my sister sub, but we all met and played (along with my hubby) as swingers, so that ease was there from the start.
    You’ll do fine. Enjoy yourself! xox

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  2. I have. Although neither of us were primaries. I was the newer sub though and to better keep me in check, I had more the role of a new toy, no talking, no eye contact, and otherwise on a really short leash. I absolutely loved the role. I felt so safe and content. The other subbie and I have started chatting just us girls and become closer. It is really fun to get to gossip a bit about Sir *giggle*

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    1. Haha I know how you feel! Having someone to giggle about your Sir with who gets it is awesome lol. I’m definitely the newer girl and a secondary (although still very valued). She is his primary but very open and welcoming to me so far. I think it could be great fun IF I can get out of my head enough to relax!

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