Summertime Sadness

I’m having a hard time.

I’ve been keeping really busy, lots to do around the house, trips to the beach, catching up on some things I have been putting off for a while.  It’s been great, productive, but not nearly enough.

It’s been 3 weeks since Sir and I saw each other last and it will be at least another 3 until we see each other next.  I am edgy and crawling out of my skin.  No real solution for it, and I will be fine, I know this, but man. This sucks.

I know it’s just this month, and that the summer is super busy for both of us.  Most likely things will slow down a bit come September and I am hoping that Sir and I can work out more of a regular schedule, not anything set in stone or micromanaged, but have a talk about what we can both reasonably expect/offer in terms of how often we get together.  This month is just crazy.  But that doesn’t make it any easier right now.  I am feeling out of sorts.  Sigh.

In good news though, Sir obviously read between the lines of me asking him what he thought of assigning a sub tasks and said that he has done it before and that we can definitely discuss how that would work and what it could look like for me.  So he obviously knew what I was getting at so a discussion is on the table for next time.  I think this will help me immensely during the in-between times.

But in the meantime I will have to deal with this edginess and feeling off and just look forward to the next time, which I am sure will be made even more amazing because of the long time apart. 🙂

That’s all.  Just needed to vent.



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