I give up.

I so fucking give up.


11 thoughts on “I give up.

    1. Thank you everyone. Dinner tonight was a disaster. Not with his gf (her and I get along wonderfully) but for other reasons that once I get all sorted out in my head I may write about. But the whole situation just left me feeling like a complete idiot and I realized that I couldn’t be silent for one second longer. I just sent him the text that will probably end it all. Basically laying out how upset he made me tonight and what I need from this for me to stick around. Lately I’ve just been feeling like one of his “toys” that he unpacks and packs up whenever he feels like it and it’s hurting me. Basically it was the “I want more” statement that so many women have given men only to end up rejected. I imagine that’s how this will go. I’m pretty upset but less upset than I would be if I waited only to be rejected later. I don’t expect to hear back from him any time soon. I hope I do but I’m not expecting to.

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  1. It’s a tough situation and it can mess with your head sometimes. I sincerely hope it all works out in the end for you. Takes a lot to blog about these sort of things to be open with your emotions. You seem like a sensitive as soul. Take care.


  2. I hope that this is one of those life-moments, that suck when you are in it but later on you realize that it was the best thing to happen for you…one way or the other.
    I’ve been exactly where you are, I felt like my arms were torn off and thrown away…I felt completely powerless…but one night, I was toofied at a bar, and something clicked.
    I have no memories, but things drastically changed for me the next day.


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