You say you want to hear all my thoughts.

But you won’t make time to hear them.

When do you stop being patient and just say “fuck you”?

Cause I’m there.  I am right there.


8 thoughts on “Time.

    1. I get what you’re saying but honestly if I am being tested then I am not cool at all with it. I feel like we should have an actual conversation before I’m tested for anything. Otherwise I feel like it’s a really shitty mind fuck. Sigh. I just have no idea and that’s my problem. Either way I am taking a step back. I don’t want to play games and since he’s not allowing me an opportunity to talk about how I’m feeling then we are at a stale mate until that changes.

      I appreciate the tight hugs though 🙂 I need some lol

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      1. I’ve been there too, and can completely understand. Remember your worth honey. Dont let anyone walk on you. Submissive or not, you are not a doormat.

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  1. I’m with EmBe on this. There are other ways to teach patience especially if there has been no discussions first about expectations or training. Silence doesn’t cut it, that is just as you say, a mind fuck and that isn’t what D/s is about. Show him your strength and commitment to being treated properly and with respect and that you won’t allow anyone to walk all over you. If he won’t talk then all he is there for is to use you.

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    1. Thank you. I guess I’m just really confused. He wants me to go to dinner to meet some of his friends at the end of the week but I can’t get any clarity when I try to open a discussion. I’m not a play toy he just just pack up and unpack as he sees fit. But if that’s all I am then why invite me out? Why bother sending me a nice message every day? Why encourage his gf and I to get to know each other more? I’m so frigging confused but how do I address this when my attempts to email him or get him to meet for a coffee go unanswered? I don’t feel like this is a conversation for text message – too easy for things to be misconstrued. I’m at a total loss of what to do next.

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      1. I would just simply text him that you have to talk before meeting with any of his friends, that you have something you need to discuss with him. Unless he asks I wouldn’t give details. If he asks tell him what you have to say is too important to have what you have to say accidentally misunderstood through texting or emails. I think a simple and to the point text would suffice to get your point across. If he still won’t make the time, then don’t make the time with him for other things. Actions speak louder than words sometimes, if you continue to meet and let him have his play time he may never take you seriously in regards to needing to talk. Some men just don’t like talking and you may have to push really hard for it. If you think he is worth it then do so while keeping in mind your own worth but do so respectfully. Sometimes just the simple question of “Sir, may I respectfully have a word with you?” can be enough to get his attention. If he is busy then, respectfully ask him to set a date and time for when the two of you can talk. Sometimes it is all in how you approach him. His response will indicate how much he values you or does not value you. Only you can decide if it is enough or not. *hugs*

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