I think I might be in love.  With rope.

Bondage is one of my most favorite kinks, in fact, the more bound I am the calmer and freer I feel.  Go figure huh?  I think because I am naturally really shy by nature, being bound and blindfolded allows my brain to just shut off and I can be free to just feel, experience and react however feels right at the time.  I don’t have the luxury of deciding anything – I just have to take it, cause hey I’m all tied up and can’t go anywhere! LOL  Hmmm, also one of the reasons I enjoy submission as well.  I don’t have to think, to choose, to decide.  I just have to be.  And in being, I please him and that is a wonderful feeling.

But where was I….oh yes. Rope.

Rope is something I had never ever experienced before (although Sir seems to be taking me through the gamit of first time experiences because for real, it’s all pretty much been new.  Pretty awesome if you consider that I am almost 5 years down this rabbit hole of D/s & BDSM. I never even realized just how much I hadn’t experienced, let alone what I would enjoy).

Usually, when Sir binds me to the bed, it is by way of cuffs on my wrists and ankles.  This time, he used rope.  I don’t know why, perhaps just to test out my reaction to rope.  And it wasn’t just tie a knot around her ankle and tie that to the bed frame either.  I couldn’t see, but I could feel the rope sliding back and forth across my skin as he expertly and patiently rigged it around one ankle at a time, then again on my wrists.  It was unforgiving, but comfortable.  But the whole time I found myself paying very close attention.  I was utterly captivated by how it felt sliding across my skin, trying to visualize the knot he was crafting, noticing how it felt as it tightened.

I’ve read about some people who slip into subspace just from intense rope work.  I was never able to understand, but I think I have a better idea now.  I of course didn’t hit subspace from this little bit of tying up but I felt myself….relax.  Almost like I was sinking into it.  I was zoning out.  I fucking loved it.  Who knew!?  It’s so interesting how something that would have no affect on one person could turn into total kinky love for another.  Ah I love this lifestyle 🙂

I confessed to Sir today that I absolutely loved the rope.  He said there would be more in the future for me.  Happy happy subbie.  I can’t help but wonder how it would feel to be totally tied up in rope, going through the lengthy process of being bound that way.  My interest is totally piqued.

I have recognized a slight pattern in how Sir works, each time he does something for the first time with me he introduces it gently, but enough that he can clearly gauge my reaction to it.  Then the next time he wants to delve into that he ups the ante.  Spanking for instance.  The first time, it was just enough to leave my butt red for a couple of hours.  No bruising or welts.  The next time it was much more intense, and most recently very intense – I am still sporting some significant marks, lines and a few dark purple bruises from butt cheeks to the bottoms of the back of my thighs.   I think I would have hit subspace this last time if I had been allowed to.  I clearly remember getting to the point on more than one occasion that it felt like too much and my safe word was swishing around in my mouth when something would click in my mind, and while the sensation didn’t necessarily change, my involuntary reactions to it would and I would start relaxing deeply.  Then, every time at that moment, Sir would switch up the implements and it would start all over again.  At the time I found it a bit frustrating lol, but in hindsight it was most likely intentional on his end as we could only play for a set period of time as he had to go out at a certain time and me sliding into subspace wouldn’t be good knowing I had to leave in an hour or two.  I am recognizing that all the times I thought I hit subspace before, with my ex, really wasn’t it.  It was the beginning maybe, where your pain tolerance increases a little bit and you start to feel a bit dopey, but I know it can be so much more.  I think it probably a bit early for me to be able to let go enough with Sir to go there, but you never know.  I absolutely trust him.

Anyhow lovely blogging friends, what are your thoughts on rope?  Love it? Hate it?  I would love to hear about your experiences! I hope to be able to write more about mine soon!


12 thoughts on “Rope

    1. I honestly had never even really thought about it. I never saw the kinky appeal. But boy do I ever now. There is something incredibly arousing at the level of attention the Dom puts into using ropes correctly and with skill.


  1. I’ve had my arms bound for a photo shoot, and had rope used to tie my wrists to my girlfriends wrists, but I really want to try rope play. I know it’s only a matter of time, but until then I keep day dreaming of having it wound around and around me.

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  2. i am surrounded by rope – i work in a boat chandlery – the ropes are so heavenly. i am beginning to get a nice collection for Master. There is a photograph of the delicious ropes

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