Coffee Date

Still waiting.  But that’s ok.  Mostly anyway.  I would much rather he take his time to seriously respond to my questions.  I knew he was super busy this week and weekend when I sent the email so now I must be patient.  Something we all know I am NOT good at.  Perhaps this is a lesson in patience.  Lord knows I need one lol.

He did send me a nice text wishing me a wonderful day though so I have to hope that if everything was over he wouldn’t bother.  Maybe that’s just wishful thinking but I don’t think so.  I hope not anyway.  I like to think I explained myself rationally and was very clear that I was not asking for anything other than some clarity so hopefully all is well.  Guess I will just have to wait and see!

In other news, me and his other…..lady friend? (not sure still how they define their relationship, I know she is submissive to him but not sure of the depth of that) have made plans the two of us to go for coffee this weekend. For the sake of this blog I am going to call her Lisa. (This is not her real name but I would never ever out someone’s identity here, especially as this is my private place that no one knows about in my “real” life)  I think it will be good for us to get to know each other more, especially since I would ideally like to approach this whole thing from a poly standpoint, whether that plays out in a “V” or triad type configuration I am not sure of yet but I am potentially open to either.  And I think us getting to know each other can help combat any feelings of being threatened by the other woman.  We can make it clear what we each need from the other to feel safe and secure.  Of course it’s all moot if Sir is not on the same page, but I will cross that bridge if that bridge is in the future.  In the meantime it will be nice to have another submissive as a friend, someone I don’t need to hide that side of myself from.  But I’d be lying if I don’t hope to discover a bit of where I stand, even if it is just from her standpoint.  As far as I am concerned, Lisa’s opinion matters too since she is part of this and her and Sir have a relationship, however they define it.  It matters to me because I want to make this work.  But I don’t want to be the second, “just for fun hey lets have a threesome sometimes” girl.  I want to be important too.  I may be in an open-marriage but this will be my first foray into a poly relationship so I don’t know how it will all play out.

My BFF as I posted in my “Friendship” post knows I am a sub but she herself can’t fully empathize (although she enjoys playing a sub role in the bedroom from time to time, she doesn’t identify as submissive. which is cool, it just means she can’t fully understand it from a psychological or emotional standpoint).  So I am excited at the thought of making a friend who “get’s it”.

Anyway that’s about it for me today, nothing too exciting I’m afraid.  With my playdates with Sir so spread out I don’t have too many juicy details to discuss.  Although I will say that I still have some lovely marks on my bum from our last time together.  Yum.  Sad though though that they are fading 😦   Hopefully I will get a new set of marks and bruises soon!


6 thoughts on “Coffee Date

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you are making an effort to get to know the other woman in his life. That really speaks a lot to your strength and personality. I have always been curious about poly relationships. I think I would struggle with being jealous of the other woman. I guess I’m selfish in that I want my Master all to myself. I applaud you for being so open to try and explore that type of relationship!

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    1. Thank you! I think its easier for me as I’m already in an open marriage so I’ve learned how to deal with jealousy. Not that I don’t feel it but I know where it comes from in myself and how to deal with it better. But this is different as I don’t meet my husband’s partners ever so this has been a new experience to be sure!


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