It was another crazy busy work day for me today but at least it was productive for once.

But I was very distracted by some lovely but naughty thoughts on and off all day. Mostly they centered around nipple clamps!  Ha ha!  Seriously though. Nipple clamps on my mind all freaking day.

I had never before tried clamps before, although I was always curious.  I got my chance last date with Sir.  They stung, a lot, when first put on, then it kind of evened out and they just felt warm.  Until I had to lay face down to receive a spanking and ouch!  And then every time I jumped from a particularly hard spanking double ouch!  It was actually wonderful, my body was at war trying to figure out which sensation it was supposed to focus on, and it was this very physically confusing (and arousing!) feeling – I found myself almost in a trance.

Then, much later when the first one was removed HOLY MOTHER OF GOD FUCK – I had NO idea it would hurt that much, and immediately followed my Sir’s mouth it was almost too much.  It was too much and it wasn’t enough and I was pretty much flat out of my mind, and restrained so there was nothing I could do about it. =heaven.  It was definitely a sensation I had never experienced before and it left me panting.  Then Sir asked if I was ready for the second one to come off.  I remembered wimpering “no” and at the same time wanting him to do it.  He chuckled and said “well, it’s going to…” And it did.  And yup, hurt just as much as the first one.

And I can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. It.  Even right now I can feel myself flushing, wanting.  I loved everything about those clamps, from how submissive they made me feel, to the weight of the connecting chain hanging down (or being pulled on yum) to the burn and sting when pressed between my chest and the bed, to the unbelievable fire of blood rushing back in, and, most lovely at all, the obvious delighted reaction from Sir, which I could sense, even blindfolded.  Can I do that again please?

What is it about the painful stuff that I love so much?  To be fair I am not extreme, I don’t think.  I don’t want to be whipped until I bleed, but I definitely like having marks and bruises the next day.  I enjoyed how sore my nipples were for days after.  I loved how he would lean over me and wrap his free arm around me to hold me still right before delivering a particularly hard hit with his hand or this other ouchie implement (that I have yet to identify due to being face down and blindfolded).  That feeling of enduring for him, yet simultaneously arching into it for more.  Does this make me a masochist?  Can you be a masochist but only for certain types of pain?  Not that it matters (so not into labels over here) but I am curious.  I have never enjoyed any kind of pain play as much as I am enjoying every second of what Sir does to me. He somehow makes is so sensual at the same time.  It’s like a drug, I can’t get enough of his presence.  And outside of all the yummy D/s stuff that feeds my soul it is just so much fun!

I am so done in for.


8 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. You absolutely can be a masochist God just some kinds of pain. I like you adore nipple clamps, a good flogging, spanking or whip to the ass, but never blood! I am sometimes distracted to no end by my need of pain, especially if pleasure is with it. Not all D/s, subs,Doms or pain sluts are the same. To each there own kinks. But it sounds like you are a pain slut in the making😄

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  2. Yay!!!! Welcome to Wonderland! So glad you’ve come down the rabbit hole and are finding your way nicely around the mad, mad world. 😉 lol…yea…I didn’t use to think I was a pain slut and then I had a few orgasms from being spanked and enjoy being restrained and flogged so much it should be criminal. Nipple clamps? I have a set! I’ve played with them a bit but man…clearly I need Sir to play with them more! That’s sounds delightfully painful. Mmmm…clamps….now you’ve got me thinking about them….

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