Clearly I haven’t been the best at writing daily, which was my plan when I began this blog. Because, well… Ya know?  It just gets in the way sometimes.  And honestly I haven’t had anything too interesting to write about the last couple days.  Well, nothing I think YOU would find interesting LOL.

My last couple days have been filled with work and family life – carting kids to and from their various activities, trying (in vain) to get caught up on housework and laundry and such.  As much as I wish I could spend my days being spanked and cumming (wouldn’t we all!)  I do have an otherwise very vanilla life.  And truth be told, a very happy one 🙂

Today was a really good day.  I went out and caught up with a close friend, one of my best friends, who I recently “came out of the closet” to as being a sub.  She was completely non-judgemental and today was the first day we were really able to chat about details – I finally got to gush on some of the juicy details about Sir (not Him specifically – as I am not sure how he would feel about that, although he is very open – just details about our playdates) which was lovely.  Turns out she had some kinky details of her own to share!  Just goes to show you that you never can tell who is a kinky little deviant after dark! haha!

It just felt really good to come out to someone.  I have no shame of my sexuality but I recognize that you have to be careful who you open up to about this kind of stuff.  Unfortunately so many people view things like bondage/impact play or just deferring to another person in a D/s way to be “abuse”.  And certainly it can be, but no more than in any other relationship.  I know first hand after living an abusive D/s relationship for a long time and recognizing the total difference between my ex and Sir.  Anyway, too many people would judge, and I would hate for that to affect my children in some way, or my job etc.  It sucks, but it is what it is.  So it was incredible to finally be able to open up to someone who is important to me and have it be OK.  I view my submissive the same way I view someone as being gay (for example).  This is my sexuality (it’s more than that, but too demonstrate a point…). It’s who I am.  I can’t choose to not be submissive.  I can repress it, but that’s not healthy for me.

She asked a lot of questions, which was great too – she was curious and so very happy for me that I have found Sir and am so happy.  Three cheers for good friends!

Sir has a big network of kinky friends.  I hope things progress to where I am able to meet some of them.  I would love to be able to fully relax in myself among a group like that and have my submissiveness celebrated instead of frowned upon.  Most of all I would be honored to be His in that way.  But we aren’t there yet, and that’s OK.  But a girl can hope!

One more week until His hands are on me, before I am kneeling, head on His carpet.  One more week until I am taking a spanking and whatever other delicious torture He has in store for me.  One more week until I am given another opportunity to prove my submission to Him and please him.  I want to give him anything he needs.  I can’t wait.


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    Some food for thought here, littlesubmissivebird has reminded me of the importance of being able to be open about who we are. Its hard to survive without the room to breath and do so easily. I’m still struggling with coming out about my Puppy Slave side and maybe the reason for my struggle to open up about my feelings… She also makes some good observations about relationships regardless of there composition. As always a lively from-the-heart post, thanks for sharing.

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