So until my ex I was never a girl who swallowed.  I didn’t find it degrading or anything like so many people I know do, I just didn’t enjoy it.

It was one of the things I did enjoy with the ex and I craved it.  The feeling of having a piece of that person still inside me long after he left was lovely.  I want that feeling.

I have never wanted a man to cum inside my mouth as much as I do Sir.  I don’t know what it is, but I really, truly, love his cock.  I feel so wanton even just saying that, but it’s true.  It’s smooth and it smells good and it tastes even better.  He really does smell amazing.  I am big on that.  I love a man who smells good.  Not covered in cologne good but just clean man smell. Yum.  Double yum.  Anyway, I digress.

I want his cum.

Yup, that’s about it.  Every time he pushes himself past my lips I am lost in pleasuring him.  I love it because it is so submissive, even if it’s not particularly kinky.  Because I mean really, unless you have a specific cock fetish, which I don’t, the only actual pleasure I get out of having his cock in my mouth is HIS pleasure.  I mean yes, being on my knees, hands behind my back, head in his grasp does all the yummy fluttery things to my inner subbie, but the actual act itself is all about him.  And. I. Love. That.  And I think the ultimate reward for me would be to pleasure him so greatly that he climaxes right there and then.  Anyone else feel this way?

He hasn’t yet cum in my mouth, not because he can’t I am sure, but because he has chosen to do so elsewhere (aka my ass) and I know he loves that, usually because I can’t seem to go more than 10 minutes without cumming myself and he says it feels amazing.  But I would love to be able to take a part of him inside me and keep it there for a little while.

And on the topic of orgasm, I am not kidding – I seriously can not stop cumming around this guy.  I have come in brand new ways I didn’t even know was possible.  One after another.  It seems as though once I have that first orgasm, I will literally have one every 10 minutes after that, no matter what he is doing.  I always ask permission and he has always granted it, but I imagine one day he will say no, to wait, and I have no idea how I am going to do that, or even if I can.

Orgasms orgasms everywhere, every way.  Most impressive is the literal mind-gasm I get from submitting.  From not knowing what is happening next when we are playing. Sigh.  I’m horny. Hungry. For him.


4 thoughts on “Hungry

  1. Oh I know exactly what you mean by hunger. I have the same thing, until my ex I never let anyone cum in my mouth. Even with my ex, I didn’t swallow, I thought it was so unnecessary. But the first time Sir cum in my mouth (which feels amazing btw), I didn’t even give it much thought, swallowing seemed like the most natural thing to do. And I freaking loved it! And knowing that I most certainly earned the “good girl” that comes after it *blissful sigh*

    And you’re so lucky about all those orgasms! I have always had great difficulties getting any when I’m not alone. But mind-gasm from submitting… Oh. My. God. 😀

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  2. Mmmmm clean man smell how I love it I can still rember fresh out the shower no cream or cologne just my yummy man dark and dangerous.. And his cock absolutely beautiful thick long smooth hard cock wow my panties are wet !! Keep writting love reading 😘😘😘😘


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