Vanilla, With a Side of Sprinkles

Today I don’t really have anything necessarily kinky to write about.  I have my next date booked with Sir (yay!) although due to him being out of town this weekend I have to wait a whole 10 days until next weekend.  Gah!  On one hand my inner subbie might starve to death in that time (patience, must. have. patience.) LOL, but on the other hand it is nice that he has so many non-kink related interests and activities.  He enjoys a wide array of things and is always on the go doing something, he is an interesting person underneath which is awesome.  Maybe one day we will get to a place where I can tag along on occasion.

I thought I would write a bit about me and who I am outside of D/s.  One rather big piece of information I have neglected to mention is that I am married!  Oops, can’t believe that hasn’t come up.  For the record, my husband and I are in an open-marriage so all is on the up and up on that end.  I realized early on that we would not be able to establish a firm D/s dynamic within our own relationship and hubby, being the cool guy that he is, agreed to support me in getting this side of myself taken care of by someone else.  Pretty awesome right!?  My hubby, while he can top, he is not a “Dom”.  He would be doing it only to please me, he doesn’t crave or need it and as a submissive, it is totally unsatisfying to submit to a man who is only dominating you because you want it ya know?  It needs to be a complete circle in my mind.  I get pleasure out of fulfilling that need in the other person.  It doesn’t work any other way. He also isn’t comfortable to give me the intensity I need, for example with impact play, I don’t think he fully understands the masochistic side of my inner subbie that takes great pleasure in submitting to a some pain for my Dom.  Which I totally get, to most people pain is just that: pain.  There’s nothing good about it.  That’s not always the case for me, provided it’s nothing too extreme.  But I do enjoy admiring some welts or bruises the next day – yum. I don’t discuss the details (this blog is private, for instance) he just knows where I am and who I am with and that’s it.  He sees other people as well but it’s more of a variety thing for him and not a kinky thing.  Win-win.

I also have 2 beautiful children who keep me busy, make me crazy and who are my world. And a cozy home which is where you’ll usually find me, digging in the garden, training with the dog, or lounging on the deck.  I am an introvert by nature and my home is my favorite place to be (exception: under Sir’s hands – that’s a tough competition right there)

I have a very busy, sometimes hectic job that I love (mostly) and it affords me tons of flexibility to be with my family whenever I need to be.  All in all life is pretty damn good and I have nothing to complain about 🙂  I am a very lucky gal!

I love to read, garden, craft and I have a definite love of shoes and shopping always makes me feel better lol. I love the beach and have one about 30 minutes away that we spend a lot of weekends at. I am an avid yoga lover, although I do other things at the gym too but I have to get my yoga or I just feel….blah.

So there, that’s me! Nice to meet you 🙂 And look at that, I did have some sorta kinky stuff to write about after all – surprise surprise.


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