Kisses Are My Favorite

How important is kissing to you?

I think kissing is something that often gets over looked in a D/s relationship.  It comes across as “vanilla”.  It is something almost everyone over a certain age has done so it’s not “kinky”.  But to me, kissing is something that is extremely intimate and special.  Kissing is feeling, sensing, touching, tasting, loving.  It opens a primal connection between two people, when done right.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I like my kisses so good, they leave me breathless and wanting, willing to do anything to get more.  When it is done right I could kiss for hours.  I think I could probably even climax from kissing alone, although I never have.

Sir’s kisses left me dizzy, halfway to subspace already.  A trembling, wanton mess.  Weak kneed and desperate.  Sigh.  Is there anything better?  He kissed me all over, but it was the ones on my mouth that made me his that night.  I think he probably knew that lol.

I told him today how important kissing is to me and how good he is at it. He was very pleased to hear it lol. Truth be told, he was good at everything lol.  An expert at reading sounds and body language, he played me like a violin in the best way possible.  I feel like it is my first time journeying into submission, and I guess in a way it is.  I think before I just….endured.  I am so eager to finally and truly submit.

I don’t know if I could continue with someone who was a terrible kisser – could you?


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