Oh….My…..GOD. Oh…..My…..SIR.

This was the best first date EVER.  I’ve been home for about 20 minutes and my head is still spinning and I am in a bit of a subspace haze, but I will try to tell the story as best as I can.

I arrived right on time, I was super super nervous.  Butterflies, ringing the doorbell was the worst part.  But he answered the door and within a few minutes I was much more at ease.  He is sweet, warm, down to earth and even though he exudes Domliness (new word, feel free to borrow lol) he was gentle.  He knew that I was nervous.  We chatted for a while, typical vanilla how was your day type stuff.  Got to know each other in person.  He is sooooo cute.  The sexy kind of cute, not the boyish awwww how adorable kind of cute.

I checked in with my friend, sent her the code for things are great and opened myself up to just experiencing whatever was in store.  Sir asked me if I had ever done or gone over a kinks checklist and he magically produced one when I said no.  He said whatever my limits were we would cross off the list entirely, for everything else he wanted to know if I had done it (or if not did I want to try), what I liked, what I didn’t like etc etc.  My first reaction was um are you kidding?  You want to, like, TALK about this right now just like that – in person??? but swallowed that reaction almost immediately because well, duh, of course we needed to talk about this!  If I am going to make myself vulnerable enough to be submissive to someone I need to be able to have this conversation!  So I gulped and said “May I please have a glass of wine for this Sir?” lol.  He laughed and got up and poured me a small glass.

We went over the list together, and are remarkably on the same page on things.  I talked about how although I had had a lot of impact play experience, it was only ever with a belt or hands, and it almost always mostly just hurt (unless I hit subspace after which…yum), but that I was very interested in floggers, scared of whips and canes (because – ouch!  I’ve seen the videos lol) but they were not a hard limit.  Sir replied that with all of the different instruments there are always ways and techniques to use them while staying within the subs limits so that it doesn’t push past the threshold.  I was interested.

We talked for a bit more, held hands, he rubbed my leg to help calm me down and BAM! HEAT.  Probably the best first kiss I have ever had (although to be fair first kisses are almost always pretty awesome right?)  But he teased, he had me hovering, wanting, breathless.  I was done in for. We went over safewords, how to use them, what would happen when I did and told me there would be absolutely no repercussions for using them.  “Do you understand?”  he asked. “yes” I said.  He leans into me and whispers in my ear “yes Sir..”.  “Yes Sir” I reply.  And my arousal jumped up 10 stories.

Sir told me to close my eyes and stand up.  He led me to the center of the room and positioned my hands behind my head.  Legs apart.  He spent ages, just stroking me.  My entire body, my arms, my neck, he rans his fingers tips over and over me, circling me.  Kissing my neck, my cheek, my shoulder.  “Just feel” he says.  I nod, trembling.  He spends the next I don’t even know how long, but a good long time, doing this, peeling away layers of clothes.  Until I am bare before him.  He blindfolds me and has me get on my hands and knees, then down to my elbows, then head on the floor, ass in the air.  He says “I can see everything when you are like this, do you feel exposed?”  “yes Sir” I whisper.  “That’s because you are.  You look wonderful like this.”  I am stroked and touched, he drapes his body over mine to kiss me lips, my head, my neck.  I want.  I want whatever he is going to give me.  Maybe we are moving awfully fast, we probably are, but I don’t care, I am in it, in this moment.  It was such a relief to submit.  I was nervous, not knowing what was in store – never having played with him before, but I went with my gut, trusted, and my inner subbie rose to the surface and took over.

He pulled me to my feet and said he was going to see how well I could follow, and trust, and blindfolded, he led me down some steps, across the fluffiest, softest carpet my skin has ever experienced.  I found out later when the blindfold came off that he has a whole playroom in his basement.  Yay!  A playground!

It began with a spanking.  I was instructed to lay across his lap and he rubbed me all over.  I loved that he took the time and made the effort to explain everything to me.  He led, and I followed.  The spankings began slow.  Smack!  Followed by a minute of two of caressing.  The increased in number and intensity, but it was not painful, some had a good bite to them, but it was sensual.  I was squirming.  He slid his finger between my legs and lazily stroked me there while the smacks came.  It was heavenly.  After the spanking I was led to a bed, where I was draped face down over this – cushion? Bolster thingie?  My wrists and ankles were fastened to the bed corners and I was laid in waiting.  My ass was still warm from the spanking.

The first flogger was like silk against my skin.  It was soft.  A caress.  Sir did bring the intensity up and it still packed a decent impact, but I was arching towards it not even thinking, wanting more.  He worked his way up to heavier floggers, until the heaviest one was wolluping my ass and the backs of my thighs.  It didn’t hurt, but the thud made me jump and moan every time.  I am in love with this flogger.  I was edging on subspace by this point, not quite there but not quite in this world either.  It was heavenly.

Sir stopped and walked away for a moment.  I heard him open a cupboard, and he rubbed my skin, kissed my back and I felt the first sting.  It was tiny, a little kiss of heat on my ass cheek.  I was still.  What was that?  I had never felt anything like it before.  The  intensity grew, and the little kisses became licks of what felt like fire on my skin.  It hurt but it was intoxicating.  I was squirming and gasping with each lick, but I can honestly say I loved it.  Sir later revealed to me after we finished playing that this was a single tail.  What!?  I was terrified of whips, but oh my goodness, who knew.  In the hands of a Master I was being made love to by fire and I could have stayed there all night.

Sir walked away again and return, rubbing the hot spots the single tail had left on my skin when I heard it.  Whoosh.  I knew immediately what that was.  A cane, whipping through the air.  My breath hitched up.  I was scared, but I knew he would go easy on me.  The first few smacks of the cane were light, a tiny sting.  The intensity grew with each hit, smacking me over and over in the same place, where by cheeks met the tops of the backs of my thighs.  It burned.  It stung.  I love every fucking second of it.

Sir rubbed me down, and moved on to other things, other lovely, intense things.  He was pumping something in and out of my ass, a vibrator on my clit and I was panting and squirming and suddenly I knew I was going to orgasm.  “Sir!”  He must have sensed the panic in my voice and stopped everything to lean over me, calming me.  “I don’t know what the rules are for cumming – what do I do?”  Sir instructed me to ask permission and that he usually says yes, but to not count on that all the time 😉  Soon after my first orgasm ripped through me, I was bound, I had no where to go, so I had to let it rip through me like a forest fire.

Sir and I spent another hour or so playing, he rocked my world.  I am a sub who needs her snuggly after care, which he was more than happy to oblige, and we lay together, talking, kissing, skin to skin.

I am still high as a kite from this.  I marvelled to Sir that I was so sore (I think mostly from straining against my bonds) but he didn’t leave a single mark.  “No, not this time.  Not yet.” He says.  I can’t wait until I have souvenirs to look at.

Are we a good match?  Um, hell yeah I think so.  We want to see each other again.  Where will this lead, it’s too soon to tell, but at the very least, my inner subbie is subdued (for now lol) and I have made a new kinky friend.  Maybe more. 🙂

Thank you Sir for the most wonderful first date I have ever had. xx


12 thoughts on “Oh….My…..GOD. Oh…..My…..SIR.

  1. This was a first date?
    Curious as to whether you had met in person before.

    It takes a heck of a lot of trust if you hadn’t met and tested the waters before hand in My opinion.
    I’m glad it went well for you though.


    1. Yes it was. Normally I would not have gone that far, but after talking with him for a number of weeks and great references from the community I felt good about it. Would I recommend it to just anyone? Definitely not, but no two situations are the same and this is what worked for me. 🙂


  2. I”m male and have been amateur doming on my own with other amateur kink partners, for quite some time. Of course I’ve read countless books on it, and I am well informed of all the delicate balances between of course consent and taking my sub for the ride of her lifetime. This sir seemed to have a similar style to me. I draw things out for hours. And not only is my physical discipline dominant and in control, but so is my gentleness and honesty. Here’s one thing I REALLY need to talk over with someone about: “Sir asked me if I had ever done or gone over a kinks checklist and he magically produced one when I said no. ”

    Ahhhh! At least the thought of it feels like the ultimate sacrilege! Many of my lovers/subs were vanilla previously and I had introduced kink to them. They wouldn’t even know what a lot of this is, and they and I both prefer that I introduce them to something new by just trying it. If they dont like it, I immediately stop. Or am I just being stupid?


    1. Hi! No you’re not being stupid. There was a lot in the list that I had no idea – I said a lot of “i have no idea but I’m willing to try”. Lol but I think it’s important to at least have a conversation about if there’s anything a sub is absolutely not willing to do. With my last dom, even though he turned out to be just an abuser, it wasn’t ALL bad and I had a lot of hard limits when we first met that over time changed and some of those things I eventually even loved. Sirs style was the checklist, your style is different. As long as all parties involved are ok with it then it’s all good in my opinion. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh right. Apparent conflict resolved. Both approaches are a matter of style. It’s absurd how often I forget this basic principle of life. Thanks for the advice!


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