One More Sleep – The Countdown is ON

I am beyond excited.  And nervous.  And anxious.  And tingly.  And a whole bunch of other things I can’t quite put my finger on.

I get to meet Sir, in person, face to face tomorrow evening.  I have my first date outift all picked out and bought new nail polish.  There is great soothing in the preparation ritual for me.  The shower & shave, scented lotion from neck to ankles, newly painted toenails (haven’t decided if I’ll do the finger nails too), hair done, mascara…you get the idea.  I do it for Him I do it for myself.  It calms me, and the good men, are worth putting in the effort for.  Not that there is anything wrong with bumming around in pjs with your guy, that can be fun too, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting prettied up for your guy.  Not that he is MY anything yet.  We may meet and it be an awkward flop.  There may be no connection, none of that heat I am hoping to find.  We may kiss and it be…yuck.  But I have a gut feeling that his kisses won’t be yuck.  I hope I get the chance to find out.

Now gird your loins blog-readers, but I am breaking ALL the first date rules here so bear with me.  I am meeting him at his place.  Now he did NOT pressure me into it at all.  He simply offered it as an option among others he laid out (a coffee shop downtown for one) and said he didn’t mind at all where we met, just to make a decision based on my comfort level.  So I am going with my gut here.  And don’t worry, I have a “safety net” set of texts and secret words etc I am supposed to send my bff at certain times.  I have his address, tons of pics, good words from others who know him, and I know where he works.  Would I recommend just meeting anyone at their home?  No way in hell.  But women go home with men (and vice versa) on the first date, or hook up after a night at the bar etc all the time.  Most people in the world aren’t actually crazy serial killers.  And in my opinion, most “real” Doms understand limits and boundries better than most men.  So there I’ve said my piece.  I also have to be home to my sitter at a particular time, so all in all I believe it will be fine.  Hopefully more than fine.

On another note, Sir is a very busy guy, and often he can’t reply to a text right away (which is totally understandable, he does have a job after all lol) but sometimes I worry that my need to chat each day has been annoying, or..well, no, pretty much just annoying. I sent him a quick good morning text today saying that I wasn’t going to bug him, I just wanted to wish him a wonderful day.  (yes, maybe a was fishing…just a teeny tiny bit though, promise).  He replied that I am never bugging him and that he loves my messages.  *grin*

I am trying really hard not to over think anything (a real problem of mine, can you tell?) and to not get my hopes up.  Just because I am super attracted to him so far does not mean there will be an in-person connection.  But maybe I’ll just cross my fingers to be safe.


7 thoughts on “One More Sleep – The Countdown is ON

      1. I had a whole code system….brunch food was alls good…desserts was, I’m not going to get killed or harmed but there’s no connection, get me out of here and PIZZA was call the cops my GPS is on. My friend was laughing as I was running out of brunch foods to send!


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